Dispersing Flavors in Ice Cream Manufacturing - Quadro Ytron


One process in the manufacture of ice cream is the incorporation of flavors such as fudge, caramel, peanut butter and maple syrup into the ice cream base. This requires a mixer to disperse and blend very viscous ingredients (up to 500,000 centipoises) into a low viscosity base.


The Quadro Ytron® Y Jet Mixer incorporates a specially designed rotor/stator mixing head to deliver a pure axial flow pattern, replacing the radial action generated by conventional open impeller design agitators. The Y Jet Mixer is capable of producing a lump-free and air-free flavor dispersion of ingredients such as fudge and caramel, in seconds.


The Ytron equipment disperses viscous flavors into ice cream base more quickly, more consistently, achieving a better quality than traditional methods. The Ytron equipment's versatility, cleanability, simplicity and low maintenance make it ideal for use in the Food and related industries.


  • Eliminates tank baffling.
  • Eliminates vortexing and unwanted air entrainment.
  • Eliminates stratification throughout the vessel.
  • Blend times reduced by as much as
  • Easily suspends and re-suspends high settling rate solids.
  • Easily maintains complete tank motion of highviscosity fluids.
  • Low shear, bulk tank mixing for gentle handling of shear-sensitive products (eg. Does not emulsify fruit, nuts, candies etc.)