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The Year Of Precision — 2016

Published on Apr 7, 2021 3:19:03 PM


The Precision Medicine Initiative (PMI) is an ambitious federal project launched in 2015 and ramping up to full steam in 2016. Its intention is to help researchers learn more about early signs of disease. President Obama and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) hope this information will facilitate the development of more individualized cures for patients — cures that work better because they’re tailored to specific people based on their unique genetics, environment, diet and lifestyle. The contributions that molecular, environmental and behavioral factors play in various diseases will be explored as never before.

Medicine is not the only arena where precision promises to develop in 2016. At Quadro Liquids, we strive to help our customers across a broad range of industries achieve ultimate precision. Whether it’s pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals, personal care products, cosmetics or food — we supply solutions for a wide array of liquid mixing applications. Our precision-engineered products are used throughout the world to achieve a diverse range of key processes, including liquid mixing, submicron homogenizing, powder dispersion, emulsification, deagglomeration, wet milling and more. What do we mean by precision, exactly? Let us be precise: Precision is defined as accuracy; exactness; mechanical or scientific exactness; and (in chemistry and physics): The extent to which a given set of measurements of the same sample agree with their mean. All of these definitions apply to Quadro Liquids and our long-term commitment to precision, exactness and accuracy. The latter definition, especially, describes the results you’ll get from our liquid processing and powder dispersion machinery.

Our high shear homogenizers, for instance, yield excellent particle size reductions with tightly controlled particle size distributions. Whether you operate one of our high shear mixers, an inline emulsifier mixer, a shear pump mixer, an inline powder disperser or a high shear homogenizer — Quadro Liquids provides reliable, consistent precision for your industrial liquid mixing and other manufacturing processes.

Our equipment serves numerous industries and helps customers achieve a wide range of applications. An investment in Quadro Liquids technology is an investment that will yield big results — in terms of reduced batch times, decreased waste of raw materials, and enhanced process reliability and product quality. You’ll benefit from our innovative single-pass, inline liquid mixing, thanks to our unique engineering solutions to some of the challenges and drawbacks of conventional in-tank liquid mixing. Our in-house testing center is where we continually advance our knowledge and understanding of shear energy and dispersion science.

Regardless of your particular goals, at Quadro Liquids, we probably have the right machine to meet your liquid processing needs. We carry an extensive line of liquid mixers to meet your specific demands. Most customers report that our equipment saves time, raw materials and money — all while delivering better results.

That includes better powder dispersion, thanks to our unique engineering solutions, which help eliminate extensive batch times, reduce raw material waste, and avoid over-processing to achieve smooth mixtures and reduce energy expenditure. It also includes the production of better emulsions, with enhanced stability, unparalleled consistency and improved control of high shear immiscible phase emulsifying/homogenizing. Or perhaps you are interested in deagglomeration and wet milling. Our latest high shear wet mills are capable of delivering better particle size reduction and deagglomeration, compared to traditional rotor/stator liquid mixers. You’ll enjoy improved process scalability, and superior control over consistencies, compared to wetted-part machinery. Quadro Liquids: Your precise solution.

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Posted by Matt Baumber
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