The HV product line has continued to be an important resource for particle size reduction as part of our new product development activities.

Luke Schenck,
Merck & Co., Inc.

After pilot testing a Quadro-ZC0 Inline Powder Disperser, and achieving very positive results – KOST USA, Inc. is excited about the purchase of a Quadro-ZC3 from IDEX Corporation. The company will be primarily using the unit in the manufacturing of antifreeze and coolants, and expect significant improvements in batch cycle time, production efficiency and overall product quality.

Betsy Casada,

Thank you very much for your help, I contacted 4 companies and yours responded the quickest and was the most helpful by far.

TJ Pearson,
Mesa Pharmacy, Inc.

Based on almost 20 years that I have worked with Quadro, I am 100% confident whenever I call with a technical, sales or support question that Quadro will give me a prompt, technically-correct and honest response.

Adam Tunis,
Procter & Gamble

We had the opportunity to evaluate the HV0 emulsifier available from Quadro… The versatility has been identified as the most beneficial aspect of the instrument… Our operators have provided excellent feedback regarding the ease of use. I strongly recommend this instrument.

Brady Brainard,
Taro Pharmaceuticals Inc.

It's rare to see customer service with such promptness and diligence.

TJ Pearson,
Mesa Pharmacy, Inc.