Beverage Industry Mixing Technology And Equipment

Currently, “fresh,” “clean” and “sustainable” are key watchwords for the beverage industry. Those trends show no sign of abating in the near future. Products that are overprocessed, mass-produced and overpackaged are out among millennials. While they comprise just a portion of the multibillion-dollar beverage industry market in North America, millennials also happen to represent the foreseeable future of the beverage marketplace. Millennial tastes are changing — often favoring bolder, more exotic flavors than in the past — and they’re increasingly looking for added value that’s perceived as more natural andenvironmentally friendly.

Natural and Sustainable

These trendsetters were expected to spend more than $200 billion in 2017 alone — and that’s just one target market. More than two-thirds of millennials report having changed their buying habits to reflect a desire to avoid artificial ingredients in their food and beverages. Even packaging influences their buying decisions. Another important emerging trend involves the focus among millennials on products offering “natural functionality.” This can be defined as beverages that provide some additional nutritional benefit beyond mere hydration. Examples include nutrients such as natural fiber, bone-building calcium, natural antioxidants, consumable protein, the essential lipid nutrients, omega-3 fatty acids and probiotics. In addition, nearly two-thirds express a desire for reduced sugar in their purchased drinks. In summary, the emphasis today is on healthy products featuring environmentally friendly packaging.

Deliver ‘Functionality’ Without Sacrificing Efficiency

Functional beverages come in many forms and they represent a huge growth opportunity for beverage manufacturers. Of course, producing these drinks at scale takes some industrial-scale sleight of hand. Adding omega-3 fatty acids, for example, involves blending this immiscible ingredient with water.

In short, it’s crucial to use the right beverage processing equipment — machinery capable of quickly, efficiently and reliably mixing liquids in liquids, and/or solids in liquids. At Quadro Liquids, we specialize in the design, manufacture and servicing of high shear mixing solutions for beverages, for the food and beverage industries. Quadro Liquids has the right machines to get the job done — whether it’s emulsification, powder dispersion, deagglomeration and wet milling, submicron homogenizing or simple batch mixing.

Faster, Cheaper, More Efficient

Choose Quadro Liquids for all your beverage production needs and capitalize on the growing trend toward functional, value-added beverages. We offer inline, single-pass and continuous mixing technologies that make short work of the often-challenging task of mixing wetting-resistant powders into liquids. Our machinery also specializes in the production of stable emulsifications and is suitable for use across an array of diverse applications. Our products excel at tasks such as deagglomeration and wet milling, batch mixing, and nano-scale or submicron emulsion creation through homogenization — typically using less energy and taking less time than is possible with competing technologies. In some instances, a single Quadro Liquids machine can accomplish what other manufacturers do using two or more machines, in a fraction of the time. Stay current with beverage industry trends and embrace the clean beverage-production technology that’s possible with industry-leading mixing equipment from Quadro Liquids.