Poultry and Meat Processing Equipment

Meat and poultry processing applications typically feature steps during which meat products are mixed with, treated, cured, coated or battered using any number of substances — including brine, marinades, phosphates, various spices, hydrocolloids or honey, among other ingredients. These serve as flavoring, binding, antimicrobial, texture-enhancing, volumizing or emulsifying agents.

Marinade and Brine Production

Whether it’s creating a simple water/sugar/salt brine solution, or a more challenging powder/liquid combination of water and flour mixed with any number of additives to create batter with the appropriate characteristics, success in the competitive meat and poultry processing industry depends on the ability to meet various industrial meat processing and/or mixing challenges. Quadro Liquids is up to the task. We have the meat processing equipment you need for consistent success.

The Quadro Ytron®, for example, excels at the production of brines and marinades. While the home cook can easily add salt and sugar to warm water to create a simple brining solution, modern food production applications typically involve the addition of any number of dry powders to liquid, including protein powders, flavoring agents, nitrites, antioxidants, phosphates and hydro-colloids, such as carrageenan.

The home cook typically employs simple brines to enhance moisture retention during cooking, but brines are of substantially greater importance to commercial meat processors. The meat processing industry uses brines to encourage the release and/or incorporation of meat proteins throughout a given product during grinding, for example.

Brines are also relied on to add volume to costly raw meat ingredients, at little additional cost. Brines can serve to enhance the flavor, color, shelf life, and safety of meat or poultry products. Similarly, marinades are used to coat the exterior of select meat products. Marinades can also increase volume; adding value while enhancing qualities such as flavor, color, moisture and tenderness.

Mixing simple brines may be effortless for the home cook, but the process of mixing brines and marinades for the meat processing industry is seldom as uncomplicated as dumping some salt and sugar in a large amount of water. Rather, industry tends to use substances, such as phosphates, which may resist dissolution and mixing. Stabilizers can form agglomerates, and rising viscosity due to high concentrations of solids can render the task of adequate mixing still more challenging.

Deagglomeration For Meat and Poultry Industry

Deagglomerate batter mixes, then shear mix and emulsify — in significantly less time — with Quadro Liquids commercial meat processing equipment. At Quadro Liquids, we have the right high shear mixers for the job. Whether your application requires emulsificationdispersiondeagglomeration and wet millinghomogenization or simple mixing, our industry-leading industrial meat processing equipment gets the job done quickly, reliably and consistently. Featuring sanitary and easy-to-clean/maintain designs, precise temperature control, and tightly controlled particle size reduction, our machines excel at hygienic food processing tasks.

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