Shampoo, Conditioner, Handcream Manufacturing

Industry Challenge

  • Dispersion of Carbopol®, HPMC , Xanthan Gum (powders are high viscosity thickeners, highly hydrophilic and difficult to disperse without "fisheyes"), flake wax and other minor ingredients into water and/or alcohol.
  • Typical batch size 6000L.
  • High capacity, single pass dispersion into water and/or alcohol.

Quadro Liquids Solution

  • ZC3 Powder Disperser with liquid feed from water supply line for single pass powder incorporation and dispersion. Powders are manually dumped into the hopper from a mezzanine.
  • Full flow ball valve to ensure mass flow of powders in the hopper.
  • Pressure gauge on the discharge to monitor pressure on the discharge line.

ZC Powder Disperser Advantages

  • Rapid incorporation & dispersion of solids during the liquid fill cycle.
  • Powder incorporation time was reduced to less than 1 hour. Total batch time was reduced from 72 to 8 hours. Previous method included dumping the powders into the vessel and mix using a 3 blade pitch impeller resulting in baseball size lumps and "fish-eyes".
  • Less air entrainment.
  • Improved product consistency from batch to batch.
  • Increase in viscosity. Single pass processing eliminates over-processing common with conventional mixers preserving the rheological properties of shear-sensitive products.
  • Instant dissolution of wax flakes at a reduced temperature Reduced from 85 to 67°C results in reduced cooling time.
  • Did not have to expand manufacturing facility to increase production and they were able to eliminate mix tanks to free up manufacturing space.
  • With the reduced batch times, they can now produce the products as ordered and reduce inventory and warehouse demands and still meet their 3 day delivery requirements.
  • Comments from end user: impressive features include "speed & versatility". "Draw less air into product". "The ZC3 is a remarkable piece of equipment".
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