Sweets And Confectionery Production

Confectionery production — including sweets, candy and other calorie-dense treats — presents a unique set of challenges for confectionery manufacturers. Of course, foods intended for human consumption must be completely safe. Hygienic sweet production is vital. Yet to consumers, the relative safety of a confectionery item is probably the last factor to be considered. When weighing a product’s relative merits, discerning consumers are far more likely to focus on sensory characteristics.

For maximum appeal, confectionery must exhibit consistent aesthetic qualities. This includes visual appeal, appropriate color(s), consistent coatings and/or textures, thoroughly dispersed flavors and appealing scents. Thus, aspects of production such as dispersion, pasteurization, incorporation — or removal — of air, avoidance of undesirable agglomerates, etc., all play a role in the sweets-manufacturing process.

Sweets Manufacturing Equipment

Having the right sweets-manufacturing equipment can make all the difference. With high shear mixing equipment from Quadro Liquids, you can depend on consistent, predictable results — usually achieved in significantly less time than required when using inferior machinery. Ordinary agitation-type mixers can handle certain simple tasks adequately, but sweets and confectionery manufacturing is seldom simple. Low shear machines typically struggle to handle ingredients of high or varying viscosities, and that can lead to inadequate, non-uniform blending and other problems.

For processes requiring emulsification, homogenization, uniform dispersion, solubilization, etc., confectionery manufacturers should invest in high shear mixing equipment. Successful homogenization, for example, depends on achieving uniform particle sizes. High shear homogenization equipment from Quadro Liquids excels at consistent particle size reduction. Ordinary mixers are simply not up to the task.

Time Is Money

Food processing equipment, particularly sweet manufacturing machines, from Quadro Liquids can help you slash production time, while simultaneously maximizing the use of raw ingredients and minimizing waste. Our inline mixers, emulsifiers/homogenizers and dispensers can help you realize whatever you can envision. Achieve consistent color coatings, fondant fillings, gelatins, licorice mixing, sweetened condensed milk production, cream cheese — and more.

Consumers respond favorably to confectionery that evokes the impression of handcrafted quality. Of course, few would appreciate the inconsistencies that inevitably occur when crafting products entirely by hand. Nor is handcrafting suitable for mass production. With sweet-making equipment from Quadro Liquids, you can strike a balance between fast, hygienic, consistent results, and aesthetic characteristics that emulate the best of handmade quality.

The secret to success with Quadro Liquids is the ability to carefully control the degree of shear force applied to your product stream. All process materials undergo the same forces; usually in a single quick pass. Conveniently change out tooling to achieve product characteristics according to your unique specifications.

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