Toothpaste/Dental Whitening Cream Manufacturing

Industry Challenge

  • Incorporation of Carbopol® and 40% Carbamide Peroxide into Glycerine.
  • Carbopol® is difficult to disperse into Glycerine because the low pH Glycerine solution results in instant hydration and viscosity increase.
  • 40% by weight Carbamide Peroxide is added to the Carbopol solution in a recirculation to the mixing vessel.
  • Need to increase production without expanding the facility.

Quadro Liquids Solution

  • ZC1 in line disperser, skid mounted with a dual PD pump arrangement for performance with high viscosities and high solids addition rates and automated Q-Vac vacuum powder addition system.
  • Controls to allow (3) pre-set operating points on inlet and discharge pumps:
    • Carbopol addition
    • Carbamide Peroxide addition
    • Auxiliary setting
  • Automated powder valve with level sensors in the hopper to control powder on/off addition.
  • ZC Powder Disperser Advantages

    • 75% reduction in overall batch time vs. conventional in-tank mixer processing.•
    • Rapid incorporation & dispersion of solids without lumps or "fish-eyes".•
    • Improved product consistency from batch to batch.•
    • Increase in viscosity, customer was able to reformulate and use less polymer.•
    • Eliminated requirement to filter undispersed powders.•
    • No over-processing common with conventional mixers preserving the rheological properties of shear-sensitive products.•
    • Significantly reduced air entrainment.•
    • Elimination of quality problems associated with cross batch contamination.•
    • No excessive dusting from bag dumping into process vessels.•
    • No solids build-up on process vessel walls.•
    • Elimination of the requirement to expand the manufacturing area to increase production.•

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