High Shear Mixing Technology for the pharmaceutical industry

Application Note - Pharmaceutical


Quadro® is an expert in pharmaceutical applications and requirements. 

Our pharmaceutical mixing equipment handles it all — from simple liquid blending to more complex processes such as emulsions, we can ensure repeatable quality and consistency through validation.

Our engineers combine their knowledge of pharmaceutical ingredients with their familiarity with the industry and our equipment to provide solutions that improve production. 

Our Application Note focuses on the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Learn more about our Powder Dispersion and High shear rotor-stator mixers via the app note.

Learn more about the Quadro Product Line for Pharmaceuticals with this Application Note.

What's in this document?

  • An overview of the challenges faced by Pharmaceutical Manufacturers
  • Conventional industry practices when mixing powders and liquids
  • Pharma process requirements
  • The Quadro approach to mixing powders and liquids for pharmaceuticals

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