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High Shear Homogenizer and Wet Mill

Submicron homogenizing, high shear wet milling, micronization

Benefit from submicron processing or suspension micronization with the lowest cost per kg-hr in the industry. The Quadro® HV High Shear Mixer Homogenizer delivers high shear mixing results without the need for high-pressure processing. 

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Quadro HV high shear homogenizer wet mill

Production Process Value

If your pharmaceutical, food, chemical or personal care and cosmetics application doesn’t require the highest energy levels of a dedicated high-pressure homogenizer or media mill, the Quadro® HV-Emulsifier and Wet Mill offer better process value. The HV Series offers high shear results without the need for high-pressure processing.

The Quadro® HV high shear homogenizer provides more process shear energy than a conventional rotor-stator mill. This significantly lowers capital costs compared to high-pressure homogenizer machines or media mills and is ideally suited for processing submicron emulsions or suspension micronization.

Versatile Equipment, Unmatched Sanitary Design

Available in two configurations, the Quadro® HV shear mill can be optimized for homogenizing or wet milling, depending on the application. For enhanced flexibility, optional tooling can be kept on hand for one machine to allow flexible process changeovers.

Typical applications for the high shear mixer and homogenizer include:

  • submicron emulsions (ophthalmic, functional foods)
  • drug suspensions or API milling, topical formulations (pharmaceutical, cosmetics, personal care)
  • chemical applications (wood stains, agricultural products)

The HV Wet Mill: Innovation for Wet Suspension Milling Applications

Engineered for micronizing suspensions and slurries, this versatile wet milling equipment closes the gap between traditional rotor-stator mixers and media mill technology. Wet suspension milling and micronization processes can now be accomplished without the use of difficult-to-clean and time-consuming media mills. The HV series of flexible and efficient high-shear homogenizers is ideal for your emulsifier and homogenizer needs.


The Quadro® HV

For Submicron homogenizing, high shear wet milling and micronization. The unique high-speed design of the HV Series enables accelerated rotor/stator velocities and an exponential increase in process shear energy.

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  • Unique high-speed design of this high shear homogenizer and wet mill delivers more than 55x the high shear energy of a conventional rotor-stator mill.
  • Precise process scaling from lab formulation to pilot and production processing.
  • Machines easily retrofit into existing facilities.
  • High HV capacities save significant process time over conventional high-pressure homogenizers and media mills.
  • Unmatched sanitary and fully drainable design, assembled with quick-connect sanitary clamps for ease of removal and cleaning.
  • Available in portable and multifunctional process skids to serve numerous mixing cells and reduce necessary capital.


  • Higher Shear Energy - The Quadro® HV high shear mixer homogenizer/wet mill produces more than 55x the high shear energy of a conventional rotor-stator mill, resulting in finer size reduction and less processing time.

  • Production Capacity & Efficiency Improvement - When used for inline continuous operations, the HV offers a significant increase in production capacity, with a compact footprint that can easily retrofit into existing facilities.

  • Time Savings - Reduced process time with single-pass, on-target results.

  • Cost Savings - Lower capital investment than alternative technologies; in some cases, the HV accomplishes with one machine what previously required multiple pieces of equipment.

  • Less Maintenance Required - Reliable and robust machine design, featuring easy-to-clean, sanitary construction.

  • Wet Mill Benefits vs. Colloid or Media Mill

    • Easier to clean and validate
    • Highly sanitary design
    • Shortened processing time
    • Increased output value per shift (in dollars)
  • Wet Mill Benefits vs. Valve Homogenizer

    • Increased capacity
    • Less energy required
    • 10% of the maintenance
    • 30% of the cost

Technical Specifications

  • Available in three models: HV0, HV1, HV3
  • Power hp: 7.5 – 60 (5.5 – 45kW)
  • Liquid Capacity: 0.3 – 75 gpm (1 – 285 l/min)
  • CIP cleanability options available for all models

* Capacities are product/process dependent and interrelated to equipment setup.

Typical Applications

QUAL-Food-Icon Food

  • Flavor Dispersions
  • Colorant Milling
  • Function Foods
  • Omega-3 Emulsions
  • Beverage Fortifications
  • Cream Sauces
  • Condiment Emulsions
  • Grain Suspensions
  • Beverage Pulp Milling
  • Soft Gel Supplements
  • Cannabis-Infused Beverages and Emulsions

QUAL-Food-Icon Chemical

  • Ink Dispersions
  • Printing Colors
  • Wet Milling Pigments
  • Graphite Slurries
  • Resin Suspensions
  • Sizing Emulsions
  • Polymer Milling
  • Coating Suspensions
  • Battery Compounds

QUAL-Food-Icon Pharmaceutical

  • Drug Delivery Creams
  • API Wet Suspension Milling
  • Eye Drop Emulsions
  • Ophthalmic Suspensions
  • Dermatological Ointments
  • Antibiotic Preparations

QUAL-Food-Icon Personal Care and Cosmetics

  • Cream Emulsions
  • Lotions
  • Multiple Emulsions
  • Pigment Dispersions
  • Sunscreens
  • Cosmeceuticals

Quadro® Liquid Mixing Equipment

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