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Liquid Processing

Our engineers are liquid processing experts. Extensive knowledge and years of practical experience underpin our ability to help you apply the unique advantages of Quadro® Liquids high shear mixing technology to optimize your liquid processing applications.

Liquid Processing, Fluid Mixing Equipment

Manufacturers often discover that certain fluid mixing tasks, such as blending powders into liquids, can be frustratingly difficult. Other tasks, such as emulsification, are also inherently challenging since successful emulsification depends on integrating two or more otherwise immiscible substances to achieve stability.

At Quadro, we’ve created unique dispersion solutions that help eliminate common problems such as unacceptably long batch times, waste, powder buildup, and the development of fish eyes.

Our high shear mixers are the best in the industry because they generate significantly smaller, exceptionally well-integrated droplets. Our high shear wet mills, for example, provide superior deagglomeration and particle size reduction faster and more efficiently than competing technologies. Additionally, our batch mixing solutions greatly improve liquid processing operations by minimizing waste, virtually eliminating air entrainment, and slashing mixing time.

Now, you can significantly improve your fluid processing by utilizing our unique, out-of-the-box solutions. Our flexible, purpose-engineered products are designed to be reconfigured, so they can be used for multiple applications. In short, Quadro offers superior High Shear Mixing technologies that help improve your bottom line.

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Quadro® offers superior performance for a wide range of industries and applications. For more information, read our high shear mixing FAQs.

To learn about our mixing machines and how they can address your unique application challenges, give us a call at 519-884-9660 or contact us here.

Our Approach

Quadro® Liquids prides itself on providing effective mixing solutions for liquid blending & emulsification that other businesses cannot.

We are an experienced manufacturer that designs, builds, and delivers a wide range of mixing equipment. Our development team has the benefit of many years of experience from working with a wide range of businesses from start-ups to global industry leaders.

Our technology is commonly found around the world being used in a range of applications, from pharmaceuticals to food and chemicals.