High Shear Mixers

Quadro® high shear mixing equipment excels at powder incorporation/dispersion into liquids, liquid mixing and emulsifying. Our market leading high speed mixers provide effective and reliable solutions for a range of applications.

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High Speed High Shear Mixing Equipment

Our efficient and effective inline high shear mixers provide numerous advantages. They reduce batch times, maximize the use of raw ingredients, help reduce energy expenditures and minimize waste while delivering the highest quality final product.

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Quadro High Shear Mixers

Inline Powder Disperser

Quadro Ytron® ZC - is a high shear single-pass inline disperser with the ability to continuously disperse difficult-to-wet powders and rheology modifiers (for example, viscosity-building powders) into a controlled liquid stream.

Homogenizer and Wet Mill

Quadro® HV - is a unique high-velocity rotor-stator mixer for submicron homogenizing, high shear wet milling and suspension micronization. Industrial high shear mixers excel at achieving submicron homogenization, rapidly and efficiently.

Inline Emulsifier and High Shear Mixer

Quadro Ytron® Z - is a multi-row toothed rotor-stator industrial mixer designed to reduce bypassing in macro-emulsion processing, homogenization, modifying product textures, and fine particle dispersions. This industrial high shear inline mixer slashes mixing times and boosts your bottom line.

In-tank Mixer

Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer - is a low shear in-tank mixer designed for highly efficient liquid blending, solids suspension, powder incorporation, and dissolving of solids. This robust industrial mixer is just one example of our comprehensive line of superior mixing equipment offerings.

High Shear Mixers - Product Brochure

Why should I choose a Quadro High Shear Mixer?

Quadro’s industrial mixers have been designed to improve on technologies once considered “good enough.” We deconceptualize and reengineer to arrive at “better.” Check out our blog post on high shear mixing facts to see the Quadro Liquids difference.

Quadro offers a full line of industrial mixing equipment, starting with the low shear energy, in-tank Quadro® Y-tron® Jet mixer. This superior industrial mixer excels at relatively gentle mixing tasks, which may be required in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and food to personal care and chemicals.

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Quadro HV homogenizer series

There are various myths surrounding high shear mixing that discourage people from using the equipment. However, selecting the right mixer is a matter of understanding how it will be used. High shear mixers are ideal for creating homogeneous mixtures and emulsifications, even from traditionally difficult-to-blend materials. 

The Quadro® HV homogenizer series provides more process shear energy than a conventional rotor-stator mill and is ideally suited for processing submicron emulsions or for suspension micronization. Advantages include finer particle sizes in far less time, easier cleaning and maintenance compared to competing machines, and significant capital cost savings.

Selecting the right high shear mixer

HIGH SHEAR MIXER HOMOGENIZER & WET MILLThere are various myths surrounding high shear mixers that discourage people from using the equipment. However, selecting the right high shear mixer is a matter of understanding how it will be used.

High shear mixers are ideal for creating homogenous mixtures and emulsifications, even from traditionally difficult-to-blend materials. In high shear mixing, a high-speed rotor applies enough velocity to generate shear, thus reducing the size of particles to the point where they can be more easily combined with other substances. In rotor-stator high shear mixers, the stator creates a shearing action as well.

HV high shear mixer rotor stator homogenizer wet-mill

The Future Of High Shear Mixing

Typical applications for high shear mixing equipment include:

  • Homogenous mixtures
  • Emulsifications
  • Dispersions
  • Wet milling
  • Deagglomeration
  • Particle size reduction
  • Reaction acceleration between materials
  • Solubilization

Laboratory testing Additionally, shear mixer products are used across numerous industries, where any of the above applications are required.

These industries include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Consumer care products such as toothpaste and shampoo
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Oil & gas drilling fluids
Quadro HV high shear mixer for submicron processing

High Shear Mixing Equipment

Quadro® offers superior performance for a wide range of industries and applications. For more information, read our industrial high shear mixing FAQs. To learn about our products and how they can address your unique application challenges, contact us here, or fill out our Request-a-Quote form.

We help you solve today’s liquid and powder mixing problems — and tomorrow’s challenges.

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Our approach to manufacturing high shear mixers

Quadro® Liquids prides itself on providing effective powder and liquids mixing solutions that other businesses cannot. We are an experienced manufacturer that designs, builds, and delivers mixing equipment using years of experience from working with global industry leaders.