Quadro® industrial mixing equipment for powder incorporation/dispersion into liquids and liquid/liquid mixing and emulsifying reduces batch times, maximizes the use of raw ingredients and delivers the highest quality final product.

  • Inline Powder Disperser

    Quadro Ytron® ZC - High shear single-pass inline disperser, with the ability to continuously disperse difficult-to-wet powders and rheology modifiers (for example, viscosity-building powders) into a controlled liquid stream
  • Inline Emulsifier Mixer

    Quadro Ytron® Z - Multi-row toothed rotor-stator mixer designed to reduce bypassing in macro-emulsion processing, homogenization, modifying product textures and fine particle dispersions
  • High Shear Homogenizer & Wet Mill

    Quadro® HV - Unique high-velocity rotor-stator mixer for submicron homogenizing, high shear wet milling and suspension micronization
  • In-Tank Mixer

    Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer - Low shear in-tank mixer designed for highly efficient liquid blending, solids suspension, powder incorporation and dissolving of solids

Thank you very much for your help, I contacted 4 companies and yours responded the quickest and was the most helpful by far.

TJ Pearson
Mesa Pharmacy, Inc.