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Food Mixing Solutions

Mixing is a fundamental process in the world of food processing, aiming to achieve a flawlessly smooth and consistent product of the highest quality. Both food manufacturers and consumers demand nothing less than perfection with every batch. To fulfill this expectation, food manufacturers must maintain complete control over every aspect of their production, from start to finish.

Mixing is a highly intricate operation that typically occurs at the initial stages of food production and there are many benefits to be realized with high shear mixers. Therefore, it is absolutely vital for food manufacturers to have the right mixing solution right from the beginning, ensuring absolute control over the numerous factors that impact mixing efficiency and the overall quality of the end product.

For almost two decades, Quadro® Liquids industrial food mixing equipment has been a reliable and integral part of food processing applications. Whether dispersing basic ingredients or preparing a final product, we are here to help you meet all your mixing requirements.

Our food & beverage mixing success stories


Mayonnaise Production

Different Quadro® products are ideally suited to each stage of the mayonnaise preparation process. The Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer with a bypass dispersion assembly successfully disperses ingredients during the first phase. The Quadro Ytron® Z-Emulsifier or the Quadro® HV-Emulsifier are ideal for the second step of processing — the choice depends on the desired stiffness of the final product.

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Manufacturing Greek-Style Yogurt

The Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier allowed the customer to produce an all-natural, Greek-style yogurt that required no straining and also achieved a larger yield. The Z Emulsifier also eliminated the need for smoothing valves or filters to remove grit from the final product.
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Applications in the Cheese Industry

Quadro Ytron® equipment has proven effective in various cheese and cheese-related applications, including Nonfat Dry Milk (NFDM) reconstitution, manufacturing of cheese dips and sauces, production of smooth cottage cheese, and dispersion and hydration of ingredients in a cottage cheese pre-mix.

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Displacing Pressure Homogenizers in the Production of Juices

Juice homogenization is critical to product uniformity and storage stability. While pressure/valve homogenizers can produce the desired end result, they also cause problems. The Quadro® HV-Emulsifier produces fine pomace (pulpy residue) juice dispersions that improve stability, smell and taste while increasing capacity — at a lower cost than high-pressure technology.

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Plant-Based Milks

There is a growing demand for dairy-free and vegan alternatives to milk. In fact, plant-based products now make up 10% of the total milk market. From well-known alternatives such as almond and oat milk, to relative newcomers such as pea and barley milk, consumer demand has never been greater. Learn about the differences between the production processes and how Quadro Liquids high shear mixers can help.

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The Quadro® ZC Disperser Brochure

Designed for the incorporation of difficult-to-disperse ingredients in personal care & cosmetics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical applications.

Learn more by downloading our product brochure.

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