Aftermarket Services

A successful installation is just the beginning. Our support staff are on call, ready to help customers anywhere in the world.

Innovative Technical Resources

Quadro® personnel fully support customers in defining the ideal solution and then uniquely configuring our equipment to fit the process. But our service doesn’t end there. When you purchase Quadro® equipment, you gain access to our unique five-tier approach that allows you to choose the optimal combination of services for your needs.

Process & Application Testing

As the pioneer of our technologies, Quadro® has built an extensive database as it relates to our equipment capabilities in various process/applications within the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and personal care & cosmetics industries. Our knowledge, expertise and testing facilities are available for all potential applications.

Site Acceptance Testing & Start-Up Assistance

Whether you purchase or rent, Quadro® offers full on-site start-up assistance to get your equipment up and running. Services include machine setup, in addition to optional Installation Qualification/Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) packages, and Site Acceptance Testing to help you validate your process.

Technical Support & Training

Quadro® offers professional training programs for engineers, technologists, operators and maintenance personnel — either in-house at our facility or on-site at yours. Training ranges from basic equipment operation and best practice to more advanced programs such as equipment theory, optimization and troubleshooting.

Process & Application Solutions

What equipment is right for your specific location/application? How can we best solve problems through our technology? What benefits and efficiencies can be attained? Quadro® technical experts can visit you on-site and provide professional guidance regarding how our equipment will help your company achieve optimum results.

Unmatched Technical Support

Our technical service begins, not ends, with a successful installation. Our support staff is always on-call and ready to respond to customer needs virtually anywhere in the world. We answer your questions quickly and efficiently, so you get back to work with minimal downtime.

Contact us for more information about our five-tier services.

Parts and Service

The successful installation of a Quadro® high shear mixer is just the start of our technical service. Our Parts and Service Department is dedicated to servicing customers promptly and efficiently. Quadro® keeps a wide selection of genuine replacement parts on hand, enabling us to meet your needs quickly, reducing unscheduled downtime, and minimizing the impact on production.