Pharmaceutical Solutions

Quadro® helps pharmaceutical companies meet some of the industry’s toughest processing challenges while optimizing their production process.

Our Success Stories

Streamlining Tablet Coating Manufacturing

Quadro® supplied a turnkey solution to an international pharmaceutical tablet manufacturer. Our mixing system eliminated production problems, prevented dust and lump formations, and improved processing time by 87%.

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Reducing Batch Times in Culture Media Production

Quadro® equipment achieved a homogenous dispersion of powdered ingredients without “fish eyes” or lumps, and with minimal foaming — while reducing batch times from 10+ hours to less than 1 hour.

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Enhanced Wet Milling Technology for API Size Reduction

The Quadro® Liquids HV-Emulsifier overcomes the disadvantages of high-pressure homogenizers and media mills, while maximizing productivity and cutting both development and production costs.

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