Industrial Mixer Manufacturer

We’ve delivered industry-leading performance in thousands of applications — from the simplest to the most complex — and we can help you solve your toughest processing challenges.

  • Personal Care & Cosmetics

    Need help with creams and lotions, sunscreens, shampoos, liquid foundation and more? Quadro® helps you maximize your production process
  • Pharmaceutical

    Our equipment will optimize all your pharmaceutical applications — from simple blending to dispersing active ingredients to creating complex emulsions
  • Cannabis Processing

    Quadro® mixers are able to help with manufacturing a range of cannabis products that are rapidly growing in popularity. Learn more about our process here.
  • Food

    Quadro® equipment handles all your complex needs — powder/liquid mixing, blending liquids of varying viscosities, working with emulsifiers, achieving optimal rheology and more
  • Chemical

    Solve your chemical processing challenges with an industrial mixer that stands up to the rigors of chemical production processes

Industrial Mixing Equipment for Your Industry

At Quadro® Liquids, we understand the importance of selecting the right mixing equipment for your specific application, and we’ve developed multiple lines of industrial mixing machines in order to meet your speed, quality and efficiency needs. While a typical mixer manufacturer might offer a “good enough” solution, we maintain a continued focus on innovation and versatility.

Our industrial mixing products include:

In-tank mixer: The Quadro® Y-tron® Jet mixer is a low shear mixer designed for gentle mixing applications in the pharmaceutical, food, personal care and chemical industries.

Inline powder disperser: The Quadro® Ytron ZC is engineered for efficient incorporation of powders into personal care & cosmetics, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical products. Designed for single-pass or recirculating, continuous dispersal applications, the Ytron ZC is ideally suited for difficult-to-disperse materials.

Inline emulsifier mixer: The Quadro® Ytron Z handles homogenization, processing and fine particle dispersions with an efficiency and effectiveness unmatched by other industrial emulsifiers. This mixer handles applications such as emulsification, wet milling and grinding, and fine-particle dispersion for scenarios in which a high degree of control over the process is required. Multiple-row, toothed rotor-stator tooling with as many as three stages of sequential operation ensure targeted shearing of every particle, achieving the required quality, texture and processing at unparalleled speed.

High shear homogenizer & wet mill: Quadro® HV industrial homogenizers are rotor-stator mixers for applications in which sub-micron processing is required without the need for a high-pressure homogenizer or media mill. The Quadro® HV offers high shear capabilities at a more favorable process value than high-pressure equipment in scenarios where high-pressure processing is not necessary. The HV can be configured for homogenizing or wet milling and is ideal for pharmaceutical, chemical, and personal care & cosmetics applications.

The Right Mixing Expertise for Your Industry

At Quadro®, we understand that not every mixing or processing application is the same, and we’ve engineered our products to reflect that need for versatility and flexibility. Our diverse product line allows us to meet the needs of numerous industries, including pharmaceutical, food & beverage, chemical, personal care & cosmetics, and more.

Quadro® mixers offer numerous advantages over other industrial mixing machine manufacturers, including:

Maximum efficiency: Our product line is capable of handling any mixing application and material — including difficult-to-disperse or difficult-to-shear materials — with unparalleled speed and process efficiency.

Improved quality: By improving on traditional mixer designs, our mixers ensure that the required material properties of your product are produced on every cycle.

Cost advantages: With mixers for applications ranging from low shear, gentle mixing to high shear emulsifying or homogenizing, we help you select the right equipment for your application. This can help reduce the cost sink of overprocessing and allow you to manage both upfront capital investment and ongoing energy costs.

Signature Quadro® Quality

At Quadro®, we set ourselves apart from other manufacturers with our years of experience, dedication to customer service, and deep understanding of mixing and processing challenges. Our culture of innovation and continuous improvement means that we are never satisfied with a “good enough” mixer. We continually work to improve our products and help our customers identify the best mixer for their needs.

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After pilot testing a Quadro-ZC0 Inline Powder Disperser, and achieving very positive results – KOST USA, Inc. is excited about the purchase of a Quadro-ZC3 from IDEX Corporation. The company will be primarily using the unit in the manufacturing of antifreeze and coolants, and expect significant improvements in batch cycle time, production efficiency and overall product quality.

Betsy Casada