Deagglomeration & Wet Milling

Wet milling is robust, relatively easy to implement and offers a range of benefits over dry milling for pharmaceutical, food & beverage, personal care and household product applications.

The Application Challenge

During processing, many solid/liquid blends develop lumps. Whether the lumps are inherent to the product or they form as agglomerates while mixing the powder into the liquid, lumps are more often than not undesirable in the final product and must be smoothed out.

The Quadro® Solution

Quadro®’s newer high shear wet mills offer particle size reduction and deagglomeration capabilities beyond the limits of traditional rotor-stator mixers, while enhancing process scalability with better control and consistency over wetted-part machine tolerances.

Wet milling is a safe and efficient alternative to dry milling. Unlike dry milling, wet milling does not cause dust to form, so elaborate technical solutions, such as dust removal systems, inert gas purging and dedicated containment, are not necessary.

High shear wet mills offer improved performance and efficiency over traditional alternatives such as media milling or colloid mills, including more rapid deagglomeration, greater size reduction, reduced processing time, increased output value per shift (in dollars), lower capital costs and decreased maintenance. And, in certain applications, high shear mixers perform as well as expensive high-pressure homogenizers but with less energy, lower costs and reduced maintenance.