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Rely on Quadro®'s advanced emulsifying mixers to produce stable emulsions across a wide array of industries and applications, including the personal care and cosmetics, food and beverages, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.


What is Emulsification?

Emulsifying is the process step of mixing two or more typically unmixable or unblendable liquid phases. The process of emulsification is widely used in industrial applications involving chemical processing, liquid pharmaceutical products and food & beverage processing. Whilst there are a range of emulsifying mixer designs - such as stirred vessels/agitators, static mixers and single rotor-stator mixers - the high shear mixers are particularly well suited for emulsifying (especially in the macro-emulsion droplet size range).

Emulsification Challenges

In most cases, emulsions do not remain in the emulsified stage for a suitable length of time — they revert to the original phases compromising the emulsion process. This has a particular impact when emulsifying products, as unstable emulsifications result in a shorter shelf life. For an emulsion to remain stable, sufficient energy input is required. Generally, the finer the droplets produced, the more stable the emulsion and thus a longer product shelf life.

High shear mixing plays a pivotal role in the emulsification process by breaking down droplets and limiting the re-combining of droplets during processing, which improves the suspension characteristics of the product.

If an existing emulsion requires increased stability, additional shearing of the emulsion decreases the droplet size further - this process of homogenization results in smaller and more uniform droplet sizes. However, this extra process step adds to the cost of production.

Quadro® Emulsifying Mixers

Emulsions are at the core of our business, offering solutions for everything from fine suspensions to creams, lotions, superior cosmetics, and more. Two product lines from the Quadro® Liquids portfolio are capable of creating emulsions.



The Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier

The Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier Mixer is an inline rotor-stator mixer that delivers unparalleled consistency and control of the high shear immiscible phase emulsifying/homogenizing. The Z Emulsifier is designed to reduce bypassing in macro-emulsion processing, homogenization, and simple emulsions.

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The Quadro® HV Emulsifier

The Quadro® HV-Emulsifier  provides more process shear energy than a conventional rotor-stator mill, making it ideal for generating very small (i.e. micro-level) particle sizes. The HV-Emulsifier produces submicron emulsions without the need for subsequent processing, significantly lowering costs when compared to homogenizers or media mills.

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Ready to improve the emulsifying process?

Our team has many years of experience supporting a range of liquid mixing and powder dispersion requirements with equipment that is scalable and designed to meet 3-A®sanitary mixer standards. 

Contact our team of experts today for more information about our industry-leading powder dispersion equipment or if you’re ready to make a decision you can request a quote.

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