Chemical Mixing and Production Solutions

Quadro® equipment is designed to withstand the rigors of a chemical production process. Whether you work with detergents or paints, we have the solutions for your chemical mixing challenges.

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Case Study

Manufacturing Fabric Coatings

The Quadro Ytron® ZC Powder Disperser, with its single-pass technology, overcame the issues caused by an eductor-style, high shear mixer. The Ytron® Disperser produced the fabric coating at the desired viscosity with batch-to-batch consistency, in less time, without “fish-eyes” and with less air entrapment.
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Case Study

Oil Field Drilling Fluid

The Quadro Ytron® ZC3 disperser, skid-mounted with a pump arrangement, was used to disperse guar gum (a high-viscosity thickener) in hot or cold water. Benefits included rapid incorporation and dispersion of solids in less time, reduced air entrainment, and the elimination of unwanted post-dispersion blending.
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Case Study

Manufacturing Paints & Varnishes

Problems arise when fumed silica is introduced into paints and varnishes via conventional in-tank mixers. Quadro Ytron® Powder Disperser technology is the ideal solution, eliminating over-processing and creating the desired dispersion inline, in a single pass, and in less time.
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