Low Shear Mixer

The Quadro Ytron® low shear industrial tank mixer is highly efficient for in-tank liquid blending, solids suspension and dissolving applications.

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Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer

This unique low shear industrial tank mixer changes the traditional in-tank flow pattern to provide more efficient mixing and blending of liquids and suspended solids. The Y-Jet mixing pattern does not create a radial flow pattern or liquid vortex. Thus, this low shear industrial mixer does not require difficult-to-clean tank baffles, which means that air entrainment is virtually eliminated.

Uniform Velocity Profile

The Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer produces a uniform velocity profile throughout the product mix, with no stratification or dead areas. This feature improves heat transfer rates and reduces batch blending times by as much as 80%. This makes the Y-Jet in-tank mixer the ideal low shear industrial tank mixer for suspension and re-suspension of high-settling-rate solids.

Quadro Ytron® C-Type Jet Mixer

This side-entry variant offers all the benefits of our standard in-tank jet mixer with enhanced sanitary features that offer more reliable CIP operation. Easy-to-clean line-of-sight access to all product contact areas and compliance with 3-A® Sanitary Standards make the C-Type our best sanitary, low shear tank mixer for food processing & beverage applications.

In-Tank Mixer Principles

This industrial tank mixer technology incorporates a specially designed rotor/stator mixing head to create a pure axial flow pattern. An axial flow impeller within a unique, finned stator eliminates radial flow to deliver a strong axial discharge. Product is delivered directly to the head for single-pass in-tank processing. The Y Jet Mixer is mounted near the tank wall to ensure strong top-to-bottom roll that results in a uniform velocity profile of the tank contents, without vortexing or air entrainment. Together, these features combine to help your product achieve superior blending in an industrial tank mixer. 

Dust-Free Powder Handling for In-Tank Mixing

When your application requires dust-free powder blending, the Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer offers a variety of powder handling methods for delivering powders to the bypass tube. This maximizes in-tank mixing performance, reduces health and safety concerns, minimizes cross-contamination, and eliminates the need for expensive material conveyors.

    • Axial Flow PatternVortexing, air entrainment and hard-to-clean tank baffles are eliminated
    • Time SavingsBlend times reduced by as much as 80%
    • Improved PerformanceEliminates problems with stratification and dead mixing areas throughout the vessel, improving heat transfer rates versus other low shear industrial mixers
    • Unique rotor-stator tooling for powerful axial flow
    • Innovative bypass tube for powder dispersion directly into the shear zone to minimize agglomerate formation
    • Stainless steel contact components for broad compatibility
    • Optional variable speed drive for best process optimization
    • Seal options include V-ring, double Varilip, single and double mechanical seals
    • Pharmaceutical
      • Pigment Dispersions
      • Vitamins & Mineral Slurries
      • Antacid Suspensions
      • Tablet Coating Preparation
      • Medicated Syrups
      • Bentonite Clay, Sodium Alginate & Starch Suspensions
    • Personal Care and Cosmetics
      • Hair Care (Conditioning, Shampoo)
      • Skin Care (Cream, Lotion)
      • Makeup Base, Liquid Foundation
      • Oral Care (Toothpaste)
    • Food
      • Sauce, Soup, Salad Dressing
      • Yogurt Mixes, Milk Powder, Ice Cream, Chocolate Milk
      • Syrup, Pectin, Guar, Gelatin, Cocoa, Sugar
      • Condiments, Juices, Fruit Blending
    • Chemical
      • Inks, Paints, Coatings, Pigment Suspensions
      • Resins & Bonding Compounds
      • Calcium Carbonate, Diatomaceous Earth, Carbon Black
      • Oil Field Fluids
    • Available in five models: Y0, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5
    • Liquid Batch Size: 5 – 60,000 gal (10 – 228,000 liters)
    • Powder Incorporation Rate: Optional feature, and dependent on product/application
    See brochure below for more details
    • Jet Mixer Demo
      Jet Mixer Demo
    • HPMC Dispersion
      HPMC Dispersion
    • Granulated Sugar Dissolution
      Granulated Sugar Dissolution
    • Cocoa Dispersion
      Cocoa Dispersion