Brochure: Quadro Liquids Mixer Homogeniser

HV Mixer Homogenizer Series

Submicron homogenizing, high shear wet milling, micronization

HV mixer homogenizer

The HV Emulsifier and Wet Mill 

Unique High-Speed Design

The Quadro® HV Series can be optimized for various applications and is available in two configurations; the HV Emulsifier for submicron homogenizing, and the HV Wet Mill for micronizing suspensions and slurries.

The unique high-speed design of the HV Series enables accelerated rotor/stator velocities and an exponential increase in process shear energy. At a maximum rotational speed of 70m/s, the HV produces more than 55x the high shear energy of a conventional rotor/stator mill.

Save on submicron emulsification

The HV Emulsifier provides more process shear energy than a conventional rotor/stator mill due to accelerated tooling tip speeds. This significantly lowers capital costs compared to homogenizers or media mills and is ideally suited for processing submicron emulsions. Unmatched sanitary design All 3 models ranging from 7.5-60HP is fully drainable and assembled with quick connect sanitary clamps for ease of removal. In addition, the HV Series utilizes a unique high-speed sanitary mechanical seal that eliminates potential trap areas around the rotor shaft for improved CIP/SIP results.

High-value alternative to media milling

The HV Wet Mill defines new limits in high shear milling and closes the gap between traditional rotor/stator mixers and media mill technology. Wet suspension milling and micronization processes can now be
accomplished without the use of difficult-to-clean and time-consuming media mills.

Performance and Advantages

  • High capacities save significant process time
    over conventional high-pressure homogenizers
    and media mills
  • Equipment cost is generally 70% less than
    homogenizers and dry powder mills
  • Machines easily retrofit into existing facilities
    High shear wet milling often doesn’t require
    additional containment
  • An ideal choice for sensitive materials, as liquid
    dissipates heat generated by the mill
  • Available in portable and multi-functional process
    skids to serve numerous mixing cells and reduce
    necessary capital

Download the Quadro HV Emulsifier brochure.

What's in the brochure?

  • Typical Applications and Specifications
  • Powder and capacity information
  • Product overview and key features
  • Key figures for batch and time savings

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