Brochure: Quadro Liquids Mixer Homogeniser

HV Mixer Homogenizer Series

Submicron homogenizing, high shear wet milling, micronization

HV mixer homogenizer

The HV Emulsifier and Wet Mill 

Unique High-Speed Design

The Quadro® HV Series can be optimized for various applications and is available in two configurations; the HV Emulsifier for submicron homogenizing, and the HV Wet Mill for micronizing suspensions and slurries.

The unique high-speed design of the HV Series enables accelerated rotor/stator velocities and an exponential increase in process shear energy.

What's in the brochure?

  • Typical Applications and Specifications
  • Powder and capacity information
  • Product overview and key features
  • Key figures for batch and time savings

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