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Quadro® designs and manufactures single-pass, inline high shear mixing equipment for powder incorporation and dispersion into liquids, in addition to liquid-into-liquid mixing and homogenizing.

Bring Us YourToughest Processing Challenge

Quadro® inline mixers, dispersers and emulsifiers/homogenizer mixers apply the required degree of shear to all the process material in a quick, single pass. And a wide range of available tooling allows equipment to be tailored to the difficulty of your application.

Advantages of our breakthrough, single-pass processing technology include:

  • Reduced batch times
  • Maximum use of raw ingredients for less waste
  • Highest process repeatability and product quality

The Future OfFluid MixingIs Now


Emulsifying immiscible liquids, free of inconsistencies, can be harder to achieve than one might expect. Our innovative approach to inline mixing eliminates many of the challenges associated with traditional in-tank mixing. Our equipment consistently produces smooth, defect-free, stable emulsions, suitable for a wide range of industries and applications, thanks to our superior particle size reduction and mixing capabilities.


Quadro has decades of experience designing, manufacturing and servicing equipment capable of achieving quick, efficient, submicron homogenization. We offer a variety of platforms to achieve sub-micron oil-in-water emulsions consistently and conveniently. With Quadro, you’ll achieve more stable emulsifications thanks to our high shear mixing technology, while using less energy. Our equipment also requires less maintenance and downtime than competing solutions, for a better bottom line.

We help you solve today’s mixing problems — and tomorrow’s challenges.

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