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Pharmaceutical Mixing

Quadro® Liquids industrial high shear mixing equipment is found in pharmaceutical facilities around the world, in all types of liquid blending and mixing operations.

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Meeting your Pharmaceutical Challenges

Quadro® is an expert in pharmaceutical applications and requirements. Our pharmaceutical mixing equipment handles it all — from simple liquid blending to more complex processes such as emulsions. Our engineers combine their knowledge of pharmaceutical ingredients with their familiarity with the industry and our equipment to provide solutions that improve production.

And that’s just one reason we are among the leading suppliers of industrial high shear mixing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry. Our pharmaceutical blending equipment’s solid stainless steel construction and outstanding cleanability are advantageous in the pharmaceutical industry. All our pharmaceutical mixer equipment is designed to meet 3-A® sanitary mixer standards.

High Shear Mixing Technology for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Our pharmaceutical mixing equipment handles it all — from simple liquid blending to more complex processes such as emulsions, we can ensure repeatable quality and consistency through validation.

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Comply with Confidence

Stringent manufacturing standards help protect the health and safety of consumers, while simultaneously ensuring the enduring integrity and good reputation of companies in industries ranging from food handling and preparation to cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. 3-A® Sanitary standards also facilitate compliance with CGMP standards. The high-grade stainless steel featured in our pharmaceutical mixer products is highly corrosion-resistant and non-contaminating.

Needless to say, our 3-A® Sanitary-compliant mixers are designed to be easy to clean. That’s not only a key feature of 3-A® Standards adherence but is also a convenient feature that minimizes downtime and expense.

Our Pharmaceutical Mixing Equipment


The ZC Powder Disperser

ZC Technology Ytron revolutionizes powder dispersion with its cutting-edge single-pass technology. The ZC ensures perfect dispersion, instant hydration, and consistent viscosity. It eliminates any variability caused by manual powder addition, lengthy mix times, high shear dispersers, and other factors.

  • Results are completely free of lumps and “fish eyes,” and batch-to-batch product consistency is improved.
  • Product yield is maximized, and wastage is reduced or eliminated.
  • High speed dispersion and hydration performance result in batch time reductions of up to 90%.
  • Dramatically reduces product de-aeration time.
  • Scalable solutions — from pilot to production capacities
  • Meets 3-A® Sanitary Standards
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The Quadro HV 

This high shear rotor-stator mixer is used extensively in the Pharmaceutical industry for high shear processing.

The Quadro HV significantly improves the milling efficiency of downstream milling equipment which is why rotor/stator HV mills are also employed as "wet mills" for particle size reduction of API slurries. As API slurry flows through the tooling, it is rapidly accelerated and broken tangentially and radially through the tooling, resulting in particle fracturing. The desired particle size range for an API material is achieved by adjusting the parameters of rotor and stator slot width, number of shear slots, number of tooling stages, tip speed, flow rate, and back pressure.

These parameters “dial in” the appropriate shear rate, shear frequency, and hold-up time which can then be used for predictable and reliable scale-up, ensuring product consistency from laboratory to full production.

  • Improves particle size reduction
  • Improves Product yield (less degradation for certain APIs)
  • Reduce milling time
  • Scalable from lab to production with the capability to handle customer-specific requirements
  • Option of Variety of tooling available
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Typical Mixing Applications

  • API Wet Suspension Milling: We specialize in pharmaceutical liquid mixing equipment designed to produce safe, efficient, regulatory-compliant solutions to your process challenges.
  • Radiographic Contrast Media: The production of radiographic contrast media requires manufacturing processes that ensure operator safety while also ensuring efficiency. Read our case studyabout a case in which our engineers worked with a customer to vastly improve safety and mixing efficiency.
  • Creams, Ointments, Lotions, and Gels: It can be notoriously tricky to achieve perfectly blended, stable, uniform creams, lotions, ointments and gels. With our pharmaceutical blending equipment, making stable emulsions is a breeze.
  • Culture Media Production: This task can be difficult without the benefit of pharmaceutical mixing equipment that optimizes mixing while minimizing lumping, agglomeration, foaming, fish eyes, air entrainment, and other common pitfalls. We can reduce your company’s mixing time significantly.
  • Tablet Coatings: Read here about an instance in which our engineers worked closely with a large international manufacturer of coated pharmaceutical tablets. With our turn-key solution, this customer was able to reduce process time by a remarkable 87%.
  • Dental Treatment Gel: Take a bite out of process time with Quadro® Liquids equipment.
  • Dental Impression Material: Make short work of key dental materials with Quadro® Liquids pharmaceutical mixer
  • Antacids: Manufacturing these common products often involves carefully blending numerous ingredients. Achieve reliable, consistent mixing with Quadro® Liquids pharmaceutical blending
  • Cough Syrups: This diverse range of consumer products may involve the blending of any number of active and inactive ingredients. Get it right with Quadro® Liquids.
  • Antibiotics: These medications may be crucial to public health. Regardless of the complexity of your processes, we can help.
  • Injectables: Sanitation and stringent regulatory compliance are crucial. Rely on the best mixing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry to help you get the job done right.
  • Nutritional Drinks: We excel at sanitary mixing solutions for a variety of applications.
  • Oral Suspensions: We have a history of minimizing oral suspension process times while maximizing results.
  • Vitamin Dispersions: Other manufacturers’ equipment may struggle to achieve uniform, efficient dispersions. We specialize in these and other key pharmaceutical mixing
  • Eye Drop Emulsions: With our expertly engineered equipment, you may be surprised to see how easy it is to achieve stable emulsions.
  • Ophthalmic Suspensions: Suspensions and emulsions pose steep challenges for lesser equipment. With our pharmaceutical liquid mixer equipment, you’ll marvel at the efficiency with which you can achieve your process goals.
  • Drug Delivery Creams: Few industries are as demanding as the pharmaceutical industry. We specialize in process equipment that helps you overcome hurdles, achieve compliance and improve efficiency, all while ensuring safe and sanitary operation.

Whether your goal is pharmaceutical powder mixing or something slightly more challenging, we’re confident we have the right pharmaceutical mixers for your application. Request a quote today.

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