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The Waterloo Technology Centre is a state-of-the-art facility that provides customers with leading-edge technology and equipment to support their testing and product development needs.


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About the Lab

The Waterloo Technology Centre in Ontario, Canada, is a space in which researchers, developers and manufacturers can come and develop customized test matrices, and trial batch sizes from small to large quantities using the range of equipment which spans Lab, Pilot and full Production scale models. Valuable feasibility and scale-up trials with the latest technologies will help customers in reducing integration and commissioning times.

Positioned alongside the manufacturing facility of IDEX Material Processing Technologies, the centre offers a range of possibilities for our customers:

  • Supporting the development of customers' new products using feasibility tests.
  • Identifying improvements to existing manufacturing processes and/or established products.
  • Proof of concept for process scaling with a wide range of equipment, from lab-scale to pilot-scale and production-scale.
  • Ability to trial equipment before purchasing.

Benefit from over seven decades of combined materials handling experience and equipment development, supporting solid, semi-solid and liquid-based products.

At the Waterloo Technology Centre our knowledgable product and application specialists will be on hand to develop customized test matrices to meet customer targets. We'll use a comprehensive range of services and equipment to help develop and optimize processes.

Key Features

We invite you to conduct feasibility and scale-up trials with the latest technologies to reduce integration and commissioning times.

As well as our well-known liquid mixing, homogenization and powder dispersion equipment, our Technology Centre benefits from a comprehensive array of analysis equipment that allows complete solids particle size characterization.

  • Particle Size distributions through laser diffraction.
  • Particle Shapes via 1000x binocular microscope.
  • Bulk and tapped densities.
  • Video conferencing and streaming capabilities.
  • Detailed and customized test reports with equipment and/or set up recommendations.
  • Tests for batch sizes from under 1 kg to hundreds of kilograms.

What Quadro Liquids Mixers Are Available

Our Technology Centre makes use of our standard range of lab and production scale mixers, with the addition of specialist technology for research and development.

Quadro Ytron® Jet Mixer

Efficient mixing & blending

Our low shear in-tank mixer designed for highly efficient liquid blending, solids suspension, powder incorporation, and dissolving of solids.

Quadro® HV

Homogenizer and Wet Mill

A unique high-velocity rotor-stator mixer is used for submicron homogenizing, high shear wet milling, and suspension micronization.

Quadro Ytron® Z

High speed, high shear emulsifying mixer

A multi-row toothed rotor-stator industrial mixer designed to reduce bypassing in macro-emulsion processing, homogenization, modifying product textures, and fine particle dispersions.

Quadro Ytron® ZC

Inline Powder Disperser

High shear single-pass inline disperser with the ability to continuously disperse difficult-to-wet powders and rheology modifiers (for example, viscosity-building powders) into a controlled liquid stream.

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