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At Quadro® Liquids, thinking outside the box is at the heart of our way of doing business.

Thinking outside of the box

In nearly 20 years of delivering the most efficient high shear mixing and processing solutions to our customers worldwide, Quadro® Liquids technology has never allowed conventional thinking to get in the way. We continually develop innovative solutions that exceed expectations and break traditional assumptions about processing limitations.

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Performance across the line

Quadro® Liquids emulsifiers, dispersers and mixers can be uniquely configured to deliver the exact amount of shear required by your application. Our equipment is available in various models to handle a broad range of capacities, and all our equipment is manufactured in stainless steel for full sanitary operation and cleanability.
When it comes to achieving maximum uptime for your application, we don’t think conventionally either. To meet your ongoing needs, Quadro® Liquids offers a global sales, service and technical support network that spans numerous continents — so wherever you are, we are.
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A successful installation is just the beginning. Our support staff is always on call – ready to help customers anywhere in the world.
Quadro will help optimize your application with the right equipment and process.
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Quadro Liquids is a member of the IDEX Corporation; more specifically, IDEX Material Processing Technologies (IDEX MPT).

This Group is comprised of the following global companies:
The Quadro Liquids manufacturing facility and regional offices are located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.

Employee Resource Groups

IDEX is an acronym for our founding mission of Innovation, Diversity and Excellence. At IDEX MPT, we value equity, inclusion, and dignity for all.

We want to grow with those who embrace the importance of teamwork and continue to cultivate our culture of inclusion and diversity. Encouraging our employees to learn and develop new skills, to support career growth is essential to the success of all IDEX businesses. IDEX strives to establish an environment where each employee is enabled to do and be their best every day. Learn more about our Employee Resource Groups (ERG).



In-Balance aims to accelerate IDEX’s transition to a gender-balanced organization and help to cultivate a healthy environment in which women can thrive as their authentic selves. Over the years, we have promoted activities that reflected the need to advocate for all under-represented groups. With the advent of more ERGs in the business, it is now time for us to refocus into being an advocate for women. 

We celebrate everyone who decides to chase their dreams and strive for success in their role, regardless of circumstances. We believe individuals should be appointed into roles because of their professional experience, ability, and qualifications.


IAAm (IDEX's African American Employees Resource Group)

IDEX African-American (IAAm) Employee Resource Group’s mission is to strengthen African-American employees at IDEX through career management, professional development and mentorship that will enable retention and growth while proactively supporting IDEX’s business and DE&I objectives.

Vision Statement - Empowering our talent to be future leaders at IDEX through professional development, mentoring and growth while also working to strengthen the bonds between IDEX and its local African-American communities.



Pride@IDEX aims to educate leaders and participants to advance a culture that is accepting and embracing LGBTQ+ colleagues, enabling everyone to be their authentic selves at work. We are a resource to managers, HR professionals and employees about LGBTQ+ issues and related guidance.

We support personal and professional development of our LGBTQ+ colleagues, to help amplify their voice, help build a sense of belonging and a psychologically safe culture that is accepting and embracing of LGBTQ+ colleagues, enabling everyone to be their authentic best selves at work. 
Pride@IDEX also aims to support personal learning and development by offering formal and informal leadership opportunities and creating visibility for employees who are active in the ERG.


Asian and Pacific Islander (API)

API aims to connect and share resources for Asian and Pacific Islander background employees; provide inspiration and awareness of API cultures with celebrated events; facilitate networking, career development and mentoring opportunities; share and raise awareness about API bias and issues; and contribute to the larger diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) efforts and organizational goals at IDEX through promotion and advocacy of API employees.



LatinX offers a community network for employees who share an interest in celebrating Hispano-Latino heritage, which strengthens the skills necessary for success, enhances the professional development of its members, and furthers IDEX's DE&I goals by encouraging the retention of diverse employees.