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About Us

At Quadro® Liquids, thinking outside the box is at the heart of our way of doing business.

Thinking outside of the box

In nearly 20 years of delivering the most efficient high shear mixing and processing solutions to our customers worldwide, Quadro® Liquids technology has never allowed conventional thinking to get in the way. We continually develop innovative solutions that exceed expectations and break traditional assumptions about processing limitations.
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Performance across the line

Quadro® Liquids emulsifiers, dispersers and mixers can be uniquely configured to deliver the exact amount of shear required by your application. Our equipment is available in various models to handle a broad range of capacities, and all our equipment is manufactured in stainless steel for full sanitary operation and cleanability.
When it comes to achieving maximum uptime for your application, we don’t think conventionally either. To meet your ongoing needs, Quadro® Liquids offers a global sales, service and technical support network that spans numerous continents — so wherever you are, we are.

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Aftermarket Services

A successful installation is just the beginning. Our support staff are always on call, ready to help customers anywhere in the world.

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Pre-purchase Services

Quadro will help optimize your application with the right equipment and process, giving you the opportunity to test your process before you purchase.

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News and Advice

Read all about it! Find out the latest company updates alongside news and advice for a range of applications in the liquids processing industry.

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Quadro Liquids is a member of the IDEX Corporation; more specifically, IDEX Material Processing Technologies (IDEX MPT).

This Group is comprised of the following global companies:

The Quadro Liquids manufacturing facility and regional offices are located in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.