Prepurchase Services

When it comes to optimizing your application, Quadro® helps you get it right the first time — with the right equipment and the right process.

Try before you buy

To solve your application challenge, we begin with an analysis of your process train. Then, we verify and test your process with our equipment in our test center or in your plant. Whether you are undertaking a new application or want to improve an existing process, you can rely on Quadro® for an optimized process — and the latest technology and equipment.

Our fully equipped Test Center

At our state-of-the-art R&D test center, we work with a vast array of applications, developing advanced solutions for leading processors worldwide. Since the late 1990s, Quadro® has offered customers the opportunity to run real-world tests of their products on Quadro® Liquids equipment and to see the results firsthand. Your process verification takes place in our state-of-the-art test center. Our lab provides you with a detailed breakdown of product results. Based on the testing data, we offer recommendations for equipment and tooling selection, process optimization and scale-up.

The R&D test center is fully equipped with a complete range of equipment. We utilize various configurations of Quadro® technology to achieve the performance your specifications demand, providing product samples and a video of the results along the way. In most cases, the performance and quality improvements to our customer’s existing process are dramatic.

Our test center is located at our headquarters in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. Whether you are an established customer or new to Quadro®, please schedule a visit. If you are unable to come and observe your test in person, a video of the results can be made available. All test results are recorded in our comprehensive database, which provides essential application knowledge on hundreds of products. Don’t worry — our database is strictly confidential.

Contact us today to schedule your visit.

Product Rentals

Capital equipment is expensive, and whether to purchase or not is a major decision. This is especially true when your application is an integral part of the overall process. Why not reduce your risk by renting before you buy? In addition to the necessary equipment, Quadro® provides full application support to help prove the benefits of our technology in your own process environment. You rent the equipment for the time it takes to prove your process in-house.

Please note that our in-plant trial program is not available in all geographic locations. To determine if this program is available in your area, please contact us.