Serving the Chemical Industry

Quadro® equipment stands up to the rigors of fine chemical production processing. With Quadro® dispersers, homogenizers and wet mills, you can easily cut costs, minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. Let us show you how.

Our engineers stand ready to help you improve your chemical application processes so you can achieve your unique goals within the industry — more efficiently and more profitably. Whether you are seeking to reduce batch times, produce stable emulsions, achieve appropriate deagglomeration or effectively disperse solids, Quadro® can help you arrive at the right solution for your chemical production processing needs.

Superior Dispensing for More Efficient Mixing

We have many types and models of industrial mixers and dispensers that are supremely suited for chemical production. For example, our in-line, high-shear powder dispenser — the Quadro Ytron® ZC — excels at incorporating and dispersing even the most difficult-to-wet powders, thickening agents and rheology modifiers into liquid. By accomplishing this often-challenging task in a single pass, you may be able to avoid the need for additional dispersants or wetting agents.

With up to three stages of sequential rotor-stator mixer tooling, the Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier can operate at high-differential velocities, and with numerous shear zones, ensuring that no product goes unexposed to appropriate, targeted shearing action. The Ytron® Z gives you the power to achieve unparalleled consistency and control of high shear process applications, including emulsifying, wet milling/grinding, suspension deagglomeration, texturizing and fine particle dispersion.

Vast Increases in Shear Energy

Our mixers for chemical production include the Quadro HV high shear emulsifier and wet mill. The Quadro® HV is available in two configurations. It can be optimized for homogenizing or wet milling, depending on your current application. The HV series of homogenizers/wet mills allows you the flexibility to switch between chemical application processes, too. Simply keep the available optional tooling on hand and you’ll gain the freedom to implement process changeovers, as needed.

The versatile Quadro® HV has been carefully engineered to facilitate the creation of micronized suspensions and slurries, without the hassles associated with time-consuming, difficult-to-clean media mills. Unconvinced? Consider this: HV series high shear homogenizers produce 55 times more shear energy than conventional rotor-stator mills. You get finer particle size reductions in less time, often in a single pass. Reduced process time, and faster maintenance, translates into lower capital costs compared to other homogenizers or media mills — that means a substantial improvement in your chemical processing. You can bank on it.

Simple Equation: Greater Efficiency Equals Higher Profits

We can help you identify the equipment that’s just right for your particular task. Working in tandem with your process engineers, we can help you design processes that maximize on-target fine chemical production goals, often while minimizing production time and helping to slash waste. Our machines can boost production capacity, while occupying a surprisingly compact footprint. Processing chemicals is serious business, and we take chemical production processing seriously. With Quadro® Liquids, you can achieve more efficient chemical production — that translates to a better bottom line. Let us help you meet your chemical processing challenges. Contact us today.