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Quadro® designs and manufactures single-pass, inline high shear mixing equipment for powder incorporation and dispersion into liquids, in addition to liquid-into-liquid mixing and homogenizing. Our company takes pride in being a manufacturer of mixing equipment that can offer unique solutions and expertise that other businesses cannot match.

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Quadro® inline mixers, industrial dispersers and emulsifiers/homogenizer mixers apply the required degree of shear to all the process material in a quick, single pass. Our wide range of available tooling also enables the equipment to be tailored to suit the requirements of your mixing and blending application. These are high and low shear industrial mixers, expertly designed and engineered for performance.

The advantages of our single-pass processing technology include:

Reduced batch processing times, maximized use of raw ingredients for less waste, and the highest process repeatability for product quality from the lab scale through to production.

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Quadro HV High Shear Mixer

The future of fluid mixing is now

Quadro® Liquids is a manufacturer of mixers and dispersers that thinks outside of the box. We are not afraid to push the boundaries of conventional thinking. As a manufacturer of high shear mixers and dispersers, we are dedicated to providing innovative solutions that go beyond the limitations of in-tank mixing.

Our cutting-edge technology enables single-pass, inline processing that delivers unmatched performance, predictability, repeatability, and ease of maintenance. With our unwavering commitment to long-term reliability, we constantly strive to exceed expectations and challenge traditional processing assumptions.

Our technical experts continually advance our understanding of the science behind shear energy and dispersion through extensive research and development in our state-of-the-art in-house test center. As a world-leading mixer manufacturer, our innovative and effective solutions exceed expectations and break the traditional processing assumptions.

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Quadro Ytron ZC Powder Disperser

High Shear Mixing Equipment Engineered to Deliver

Our product line consists of high shear homogenizers & wet mills, inline powder dispersers, inline continuous processers, inline emulsifier mixers, and in-tank mixers.

Inline Powder Disperser

Quadro Ytron® ZC - High shear single-pass disperser designed for the most difficult-to-wet powders, thickening agents, and rheology modifiers. This powerful high-speed disperser is uniquely engineered for use in personal care, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food & beverage applications.

Inline Continuous Processing

Quadro® CDS - Combines the enhanced performance and benefits of the Quadro Ytron® ZC with our Uniform Film Interface (UFI) technology to continuously disperse powders into a controlled liquid stream.

High Shear Homogenizer & Wet Mill

Quadro® HV - Unique high-velocity rotor/stator mixer for submicron homogenizing, wet milling and suspension micronization.

Inline Emulsifier Mixer

Quadro Ytron® Z Emulsifier and High Shear Mixer - Multi-row toothed rotor/stator inline mixer designed to reduce bypassing in macro-emulsion processing, homogenization, modifying product textures and fine particle dispersions. Best-in-class consistency meets flexibility and scalability with this powerful mixer.

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