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Oil Field Drilling Fluid

Background / Requirement

  1. Guar gum, a high-viscosity thickener, is highly hydrophilic and difficult- to-disperse without fisheyes
  2. Gum dispersion is pumped into the wells to displace oil for recovery from porous rock
  3. High-capacity, single-pass dispersion into hot or cold water.

Quadro's Approach

  • ZC3 in-line disperser, skid mounted with a discharge PD pump arrangement for performance with high viscosities and high solids addition rates.

  • Simple VFD pump control to provide:
    • Variable backpressure on ZC3 disperser controlling powder incorporation rate
    • Steady control of discharge concentration
    • Positive delivery of viscous gum dispersion to downstream processing
    • Powder feed system to maintain full charge in powder hopper
    • High/Low-level hopper detection with automated powder valve actuation.

Powder Dispersers

Quadro Ytron® ZC Powder Disperser Features

  • Rapid incorporation and dispersion of solids - reduced batch times by as much as 90% versus conventional high HP in-tank, high-shear mixer processing
  • Significantly reduced air entrainment
  • Control of discharge concentration to avoid post-dispersion blending of viscous gum solutions
  • Dispersion is possible in hot or cold water.
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