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Wayne Harwood’s role overview & key responsibilities

At Quadro Liquids, we believe that it’s important for you to understand our people as much as our equipment. When you work with us, you get more than market-leading liquids and powder mixing solutions, you gain long terms experience from industry application experts. This ensures you benefit from practical advice for effective mixing but a team that understands how to get the most the equipment when working with a wide range of materials.

In this blog, we speak with National Sales Manager for Quadro Liquids, Wayne Harwood. Let’s get to know his role and responsibilities.

“I am a National Sales Manager, for Quadro Liquids.  I oversee and manage the sales of the Quadro Liquids equipment line, covering North and South America, as well as the Asia-Pacific Markets.”

How do you deliver customer obsession? 

“I am always ready to provide technical and sales support to our customers.  Our greatest strength in my eyes is our ability to fully support our customers in what they need and expect from us.”

What team, products are you responsible for?

“I’m responsible for Quadro Liquids Equipment Sales (ZC Powder Disperser, HV Emulsifier and Wet Mill, Z Emulsifier, Y-Jet Mixer)”

Are you a specialist in any of the applications?

“I’m an expert in Powder Dispersion, Emulsification, Wet Milling & Yogurt Smoothing”

What is your past career experience?

I spent 5+ years as the Quadro Liquids Application Engineer, performing R&D testing and Customer Product testing over this time.  I’ve also worked in the past as both a project engineer and continuous improvement engineer in a process environment.”

Do you have any advice for prospects looking for high shear milling equipment?

“You should consider the quality of the product and the service received.  Not all high-shear mixing technology is the same.  Also think about scalability now, so that as your process grows, you can be confident that you will be able to grow your process in the future.”

Can you please give an example of how we solve customer problems?

“We take a hands-on approach to customer problems.  Through our network of local representatives and or the use of technology we’ll get a first-hand look at what the customer is experiencing before breaking down the problem to build towards a positive solution to whatever the problem may be.”

What are typical applications that are seeing high demand and how can we help?

“Difficult powder dispersions (Gums, thickeners, carbomers), creating stable emulsions (beverages, creams, agriculture), & Particle Size Reduction (Active Ingredients Milling, fibre/proteins, Yogurt texturizing)”

What are some typical questions you are asked by prospects?

“How can you scale between different sizes of units, from pilot scale to production scale?  How can you control the rate of powder incorporation?  What makes an emulsion stable? How small of a particle size can we achieve using the Quadro HV?”

If these questions sound familiar or if you have another question for Wayne or our team then please get in touch.

Why would you choose Quadro Liquids?

“Quadro Liquids has some very unique offerings, particularly with the HV and the ZC technology.  These units can do things that other rotor/stator high shear technology can’t accomplish. From the continuous controlled rate of dispersion with the UFI on the ZC to the extreme tip speeds of 70 m/s on the HV to the exceptional support and service that we provide to our customers, Quadro Liquids would definitely be my choice.”


Posted by Matt Baumber


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