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Single-Pass Emulsification Equipment

High shear performance and productivity in a single pass.

  • Faster batch times.
  • Higher capacities.
  • Predictable, consistent quality.
  • Easy to clean.

These are the demands that are challenging process engineers in large-scale manufacturing today. However, traditional in-tank fluid mixing imposes limitations on productivity that result in bottlenecks. This is something that the industry has reluctantly learned to live with or work around by introducing costly additional processes.

Conventional dispersion and emulsifying methods

Traditional in-tank dispersion and emulsifying methods are, at best, hit-and-miss.

Powders and immiscible liquids introduced into a vessel of liquid must find their way to the mixing impeller in order to be effectively sheared and dispersed. In theory, the vortexing created by a conventional impeller draws the powder down into the action zone. In reality, only a portion of the material introduced will reach the tooling for processing.

The result? Random, uncontrollable rates of shear

Some materials are continually recirculated back into the action zone – leading to overprocessing. Other components, most often in "dead zones" nearer the vessel walls and surface, remain virtually untouched. This incomplete dispersion not only promotes waste as materials "raft" on the tank surface or build up on walls and baffles, but it also encourages the creation of "fish eye" lumps.

It’s easy to see why even the most powerful mixer often has limited impact. To compound the situation, traditional vortex flow induction introduces unwanted air into the batch mix, further compromising the desired results. And because these results are the product of so many randomly impacting processing variables, batch-to-batch quality and consistency become wholly unattainable. Processors have traditionally attempted to overcome these problems by extending processing times or using more costly, higher horsepower mixers.

However, these approaches can damage heat- and/or shear-sensitive products.

Single-pass emulsions

With the Quadro Ytron® line of mixers, dispersers and emulsifiers, there’s now a proven, viable alternative that removes these obstacles to greater efficiency. This unique inline technology maximizes yields, creating high-quality dispersions and emulsions by applying the required shear to all the material in a quick, single pass. And its wide range of tooling can be specifically tailored to the difficulty of the application.

Quadro’s breakthrough, single-pass process delivers high product quality that is not only predictable, repeatable and scalable, it can dramatically reduce batch times and energy consumption by as much as 75%.

Inline processing offers a host of additional advantages. Powder wastage, air entrainment and batch-to-batch cross-contamination are virtually eliminated.

Clean-up is fast and easy. What’s more, Quadro technology is flexible enough that a single device can even process multiple applications feeding several batch tanks. No wonder single-pass processing is rapidly gaining momentum among leading processors. As pioneers in this revolution, Quadro offers the expertise, track record and advanced technology to meet the growing demand.

"Not only did Quadro Ytron®’s speed and versatility allow us to reduce our batch times from 72 to 8 hours, but we were also able to free up manufacturing space, plus reduce inventory and warehouse demands while still meeting tight 3-day deliveries."

Dispersion of high-viscosity thickeners Carbopol®, HPMC and Keltrol®for personal care

Quadro was approached by a large personal care product manufacturer producing private label shampoos, creams and lotions for global distribution by health & beauty product retailers. Their conventional in-tank process was impeding productivity, and limiting batch quality and consistency. Delivery deadlines were potentially at risk.

At the Quadro R&D Test Center, we audited their process, providing a solution that eliminated lumps, “fish eyes” and air entrainment, rapidly dispersing high-viscosity thickeners such as Carbopol®, HPMC, and Keltrol® into water and alcohol during the liquid fill cycle. In addition, wax flakes are instantly dissolved at reduced temperatures, saving cooling time.

Powders are dumped from a mezzanine into the hopper of a ZC Powder Disperser, with a liquid feed from the water supply line and short discharge directly into the mixing vessel. A full-flow ball valve maintains the mass flow of powder through the hopper.

The Quadro Ytron® ZC Powder Disperser is a Powder Disperser designed to incorporate and disperse large quantities of moderately difficult-to-wet powders into a liquid stream with minimal air entrainment.

Dispersion of Carbopol® and 40% carbamide peroxide for dentistry products

A leading North American developer of innovative professional dentistry products brought us their challenge.

They needed to rapidly and uniformly disperse Carbopol® and 40% carbamide peroxide into a low pH glycerine solution, without overprocessing. After analyzing the problem, Quadro engineered a solution that not only met their requirements, but optimized batch-to-batch consistency reduced air entrainment and eliminated the need for filtering undispersed powders.

"With Quadro Ytron® we’ve been able to substantially increase production, without having to expand our facility. In addition to reducing overall batch times by 75%, the increase in viscosity we achieved has allowed us to re-formulate and use less powder – saving time and money."

Process Productivity Solutions

For more than 30 years, Quadro has made an unparalleled commitment to delivering the highest production efficiencies, product quality and consistency to market leaders in the Pharmaceutical, Food, Fine Chemical, Personal Care and Cosmetics industries worldwide.

With the engineering experience gained from developing reliable application-specific solutions for major processors in more than 80 countries, our knowledge of size reduction and dispersion is unmatched. In fact, meeting the evolving needs of our customers drives the development of some of the industry’s most advanced processing technologies and systems.

Since 1976, Quadro has led the industry in research & development. Through the Quadro R&D Test Center, we work directly with our customers, to run real-world tests of their processes on the latest Quadro equipment. The result has been technical breakthroughs that have changed the way many of our customers process, and led to new global processing industry standards.

As the world’s leading supplier of size reduction technology – with a vast global network of agents, distributors, OEMs, and partners – Quadro provides a level of service and technical support that is unequaled in the industry.

Our passion for technology is exceeded only by our dedication to meeting the needs of our customers.


Posted by Matt Baumber


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