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Mixing Equipment for Manufacturing Cosmetic Creams

Quadro® provides high speed, high shear mixers, powder dispersers, and emulsifier mixers to address your personal care & cosmetics processing challenges.

Since ancient times, discerning women — and more than a few men — have sought cosmetics that offer the tantalizing promise of undeniable beauty. Ancient Romans were fond of using skin creams made of lipids and emollients, such as beeswax and olive oil, mixed with rose water, for instance.

The Pursuit of Beauty: An Endeavor As Old As Mankind

Whether they’re marketed as enhancers of beauty — or as rare and valuable elixirs capable of preserving it — cosmetic lotions and creams are foundational to the cosmetics industry and to dedicated consumers. Cosmetic lotions are used for any number of purposes: to add subtle highlights or color, to diminish wrinkles, to cover imperfections, to protect against the ravages of the sun, and to add subtle fragrance and visual appeal.

Creams and lotions can be used to help smooth the skin, hide inconsistencies, diminish appearance issues (such as age spots), prevent or reverse the appearance of age-related wrinkles, retain skin moisture, or simply to help create a foundation for the application of further cosmetics, typically with the goal of creating — or at least suggesting — an illusion or youthful beauty and perfection.

The trick, of course, is to find a way, as the Romans evidently did, to achieve the production of suitable cosmetic creams. Since oil and water do not readily mix, they had to uncover the secrets of how to make cosmetic creams by learning to homogenize and emulsify disparate ingredients, such as oils and water.

Practical Challenges When Manufacturing Cosmetics

Then and now, the end product needed to be uniform, creamy and appealing, while also possessing reasonable shelf stability. While it may be unclear how the Romans managed to achieve these results, it’s no big secret in modern times: Today’s manufacturers use industrial-scale mixing equipment in the production of creams of high quality and lasting value.

That’s not to say there aren’t challenges. Depending on the formulation of the final product, the production of cosmetic creams may involve adding dry, powdered ingredients to liquids, or emulsifying immiscible liquids — such as oils and water-based ingredients (such as fragrances and other key ingredients). The potential pitfalls involved are numerous, but savvy manufacturers possess the distinct advantage of having access to modern equipment — cosmetic cream mixing machines carefully engineered to achieve high-shear mixing.

We Can Help With Your Cosmetic Blending Needs

At Quadro®, we specialize in the design, manufacture and servicing of superior, industry-leading industrial cosmetic mixers. Our equipment for cosmetics excels at powder incorporation and dispersion into liquids, in addition to liquid-into-liquid mixing and homogenizing. For more information about our unique line of mixers, emulsifiers, homogenizers and dispersers, contact us here.

Or perhaps you would prefer to request a quote. No matter how you reach out, rest assured that we specialize in working with process engineers to find the cosmetic cream equipment that is best for your applications. Together, we can make beauty look easy.


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