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Manufacturing Cosmetic Liquid Foundation

Discover how Quadro Liquid's High Shear Mixing Solutions can be used to manufacture Cosmetics such as Liquid Foundation.

Quadro Liquids design and build a range of High Shear Mixers for leading manufacturers across the globe. Our range of mixers is often used in the personal care and cosmetics industries - providing liquids mixing, powder dispersion, and emulsification solutions.

Manufacturing Cosmetic Liquid Foundation

  • Incorporation of gums and polymers without agglomerates or “fisheyes”
  • Fine dispersing of pigments in the re-circulation loop with kettle
  • The setting of final, high viscosity water/silicone emulsion with a single pass prior to packaging
  • Quick and easy cleaning.

Quadro's Approach to powder dispersion

  • ZC3 inline disperser, skid mounted with a dual PD pump arrangement for performance with high viscosities and high solids addition rates
  • Automated powder-in-hopper detection and valve actuation
  • Controls to allow (4) pre-set operating points
    • Single-pass solids incorporation, water feed
    • Solids incorporation, re-circulation set-up with kettle
    • Final emulsion setting from kettle
    • Operator PID backpressure control of discharge pump for additional flexibility in processing.

Advantages of the Quadro Ytron ZC Powder Disperser

The Quadro High-Speed Disperser delivers intense powder shearing for manufacturers of Cosmetics and Personal Care Products, providing market-leading solutions.

Learn more about the Quadro Ytron® ZC

  • 80% reduction in overall batch time vs. conventional in-tank multi-shaft mixer processing
  • Rapid incorporation & dispersion of solids
  • Single-pass emulsifying
  • Significantly reduced air entrainment
  • Elimination of quality problems associated with cross batch contamination
  • No excessive dusting from bag dumping into process vessels
  • No solids build-up on process vessel walls
  • Clean-in-place
  • Elimination of multiple in-tank specialty mixers.

Learn more about Quadro Liquids High Shear Mixers for Liquids Processing and Powder Dispersion and speak to our team for assistance with your mixing applications. Contact us for support with your mixing applications today.


Posted by Matt Baumber


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