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Optimizing Battery Slurries: High Shear Mixing

Lithium-ion batteries are rapidly increasing in demand as an impact of society’s transition from unsustainable fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. Rechargeable batteries for electric vehicles, portable devices and data storage are becoming the new norm, hence the growing demand for efficient and adaptive battery production.

Lithium-Ion Battery Production Process

Currently, most commonly, the electrode sheet of the lithium-ion battery is made by applying electrode slurry to metal foil. Battery slurries are made by combining the active ingredient, binder, and conductive additives with a dispersion agent - such as water or solvent. Particle size reduction and dispersion are crucial in this production step.

Optimizing Particle Size Distribution for Enhanced Performance

By efficiently mixing lithium ion battery slurries, manufacturers can improve the overall quality and consistency of the battery products. This helps to enhance the battery's energy density, cycle life, and power output.

Furthermore, efficient battery slurry mixing can reduce production costs by minimizing the amount of raw materials required and reducing the mixing times needed to achieve the desired slurry properties.

Techniques for Achieving Agglomerate-free Dispersion

When manufacturing a battery slurry, achieving precise processing becomes crucial as it demands a specific rheological profile. This entails meticulous control over viscosity and shear thinning properties. Any instances of agglomeration and uneven particle size distribution can pose challenges during the coating process. These issues can ultimately impact film uniformity, negatively impacting the ion transfer rate and recharge cycle of the battery.

Therefore, for optimal battery performance, the slurry mixture must be stable and homogenous, with an even particle distribution throughout the mix, free from agglomerates and inconsistencies.

Manufacturers can employ various techniques to achieve an agglomerate-free dispersion. One such method is the use of high shear mixers, which produce intense force to break down any agglomerates and disperse the particles evenly.

Utilizing High Shear Mixers for Homogenous Slurries

High shear mixers play a crucial role in achieving homogenous slurries for battery production. These mixers are designed to apply intense mechanical forces that help break down particles and disperse them uniformly throughout the slurry.

A high-speed rotor in a liquid mixer or powder disperser directs material outwards toward a stationary stator, creating shear in the process. Variable rotor speeds provide the ability to uniquely tailor the amount of shear energy that is needed for each application.

By utilizing high shear mixers, manufacturers can ensure that the slurry has a consistent composition and particle distribution. A narrow particle size distribution can improve the battery's energy density, cycle life, and power output, which reducing the risk of issues such as electrode delamination and poor conductivity -leading to enhanced overall performance.

Furthermore, high shear mixers can significantly reduce mixing times, improving production efficiency and reducing costs.

The Quadro Liquids Solution

Quadro Liquids offers a comprehensive solution for efficient battery slurry production. Our top-of-the-line chemical mixing equipment is built to withstand the demands of fine chemical production processes, offering unparalleled precision in controlling the mixing process to achieve optimal dispersion and particle size reduction. With Quadro® high shear mixing equipment, you can easily cut costs, minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

The Quadro Ytron® ZC is a high-speed inline disperser used for both inline single-pass and recirculating powder dispersion applications. The ZC is specially designed to effectively blend and distribute difficult-to-wet powders, thickening agents, and rheology modifiers into a liquid stream with ease, often eliminating the necessity for extra dispersants or wetting agents.

Zc Inline Powder Disperser

Our engineers are here to assist you in enhancing your chemical application procedures, allowing you to reach your industry-specific objectives with increased efficiency and profitability.

By partnering with Quadro Liquids, manufacturers can benefit from our expertise in battery slurry mixing and ensure the highest quality and consistency in their battery products. Contact our team today.

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