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Common Bottlenecks In Liquid Manufacturing Processes

In-tank mixing is still a popular method for the bulk processing of liquids on industrial scales. Unfortunately, in-tank mixers often cause processing bottlenecks, especially when thickeners and other rheology modifiers must be incorporated into the mix. Needless to say, time is money, and extended processing times can take a toll on your bottom line.

In-tank mixing

Due to the need to avoid lumps and other inconsistencies, mixing times tend to be undesirably long when using many manufacturers’ in-tank mixers and particle size reduction equipment. Sieving for undissolved solids adds to the loss of valuable ingredients and lengthens overall process time. Furthermore, many difficult-to-wet solid ingredients may resist proper blending, further extending the time required to achieve a thoroughly mixed, uniform-consistency final product.

Fortunately, Quadro® Liquids offers an excellent set of solutions to help eliminate these annoying bottlenecks. The Ytron® series of low-shear, in-line mixers has been designed to maximize blending and avoid potential problems, such as vortexing, air entrainment and difficult-to-clean tank baffles.

The Quadro® Ytron® uses a unique Y-Jet mixing pattern to eliminate radial flow patterns (liquid vortexing). This creates a uniform velocity profile throughout the entire product mix. As a result, no stratification or dead areas are created. This improves heat transfer rates and slashes batch-blending times. Accordingly, the Y-Jet mixer is ideal for the suspension and re-suspension of high-settling-rate solids.

All of this innovation adds up to improved performance and significantly reduced processing times; by up to 80 percent, compared to results achievable using powder dispersing and liquids processing equipment from other manufacturers. Processing times are further reduced because product deaeration times are significantly shorter; thanks to the Ytron’s exceptionally low-air entrainment and operation under near-vacuum conditions.

Machines for inline emulsification mixing

The Ytron® line includes machines for inline emulsification mixing, inline continuous processing, and in-tank mixing. The Quadro Continuous Dispersion System (CDS), for example, is designed to continuously disperse powders into a carefully controlled liquid stream. This superbly engineered technology helps optimize dispersion efficiency, while controlling powder concentration. In most instances, effective mixing is achieved in a single pass, further reducing processing time. Your machine can also be configured for recirculation, however.

Rather than dumping bulk powders into a batch of liquid in a mixing tank, the Ytron® disperses powders at a controlled rate into the liquid phase before the blend is introduced to the mixing chamber. This eliminates lumps and other dispersion problems, and cuts processing times. The Ytron® ZC, for example, is a high-speed disperser that can be used for single-pass dispersing, or product streams can be re-circulated to enhance dispersion even more.

Equipment for your mixing needs

With five models to choose from, we have the right machine for your in-tank mixing needs. Liquid batch size options range from five to 60,000 gallons. Optional variable speed drive available. Our Innovative bypass tube for powder dispersion directly into the shear zone minimizes agglomerate formation and ensures uniform consistency.


Posted by Matt Baumber


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