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Dispersing Tomato Paste into Water With An Industrial Mixer

Dispersing Tomato Paste

Tomato sauces are used in many products including frozen foods, pasta sauces, and pizza toppings, etc. A typical tomato sauce would be based on sieved or whole tomatoes, and/or tomato paste. It would also contain water, sugar, vinegar, salt, and seasoning.

Tomato ketchup/sauces are manufactured from tomato paste. Premium quality ketchup with a high solids content derives its viscosity from a combination of water retention of the fibrous strands in the paste and the gelling effect of pectin found naturally in tomatoes.

In one particular instance, a 12% net total solids (NTS) solution of tomato paste was produced from dilution of a 31% NTS paste (600,000 cps) with no variation in color.

The Quadro Ytron® Y Jet Mixer dispersed and blended the 31% NTS tomato paste in minutes to produce a lump-free, homogeneous solution with excellent color and texture. The low shear action of the Jet Mixer ensures the natural pectin and fibers remain undamaged.

The paste was slowly pumped directly from a tote to the bypass assembly for subsurface addition into the action area of the mixer. The mixer quickly and efficiently blended the paste homogeneously into the solution without the use of additional heat.

The time required to produce a 200 gal. The batch was reduced from 45 mins. with a conventional mixer, to approximately 5 mins. with the Y Jet Mixer.

DOWNLOAD THE APP NOTE - Manufacturing Tomato Paste and Sauces

Quadro Liquids Processing demonstrates wet milling lobster meat, cooked vegetable pieces, and up to 10% crustacean shell particles using the Quadro HV.


Mixing Summary

The Quadro Ytron® Y Jet Mixer reduces the time required to disperse and blend tomato paste into the water, without pectin damage, in ambient temperature water, achieving better quality than traditional mixing methods. The Ytron equipment's versatility, cleanability, simplicity, and low maintenance make it ideal for use in Food and related industries.

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Posted by Matt Baumber


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