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Emulsions Are Our Business

Published on Apr 15, 2015 12:00:00 AM


The manufacturing of sophisticated modern pharmaceuticals and cosmetics depends on the availability of modern equipment that’s up to the task. Increasingly sophisticated products generated by these industries ideally enhance patients’ and customers’ health and lives.

However, none of it can happen without the right liquid and powder mixing equipment. Whether it’s simple liquid blending tasks or the creation of complex emulsions, Quadro® is the industry leader for all your pharmaceutical/cosmeceutical manufacturing needs.

Emulsions Are Our Business

It’s no small trick to seamlessly blend two or more immiscible liquids into a substance with uniform consistency and unique, stable characteristics. This modern alchemy depends on the right processes, applied at the right temperatures, under the right conditions, and that’s where Quadro® comes in.

We’re industry leaders in emulsification, and our flagship product is the Quadro® HV Emulsifier and Wet Mill series of machines for high-velocity submicron homogenization, high-shear wet milling, and emulsification.

Our machines are highly scalable, allowing you to progress from R&D to pilot and production processing with ease. We’ve paid special attention to practicality. All models feature stainless steel construction, with fully drainable, easily disconnected parts for rapid and efficient cleaning and reassembly. All of our equipment is designed to meet 3-A® sanitary mixer standards.

Our sophisticated high-velocity design means you get accelerated rotor-stator velocities that yield exponential increases in process shear energy. This greatly exceeds the shear energy achieved by conventional rotor-stator mills. Yet our equipment remains surprisingly affordable: up to 70 percent less expensive than high-pressure homogenizers and media mills at a similar capacity level.

Mixing versatility

Quadro® offers a broad array of mixing technologies and equipment. We’ll work with you to implement the right system to meet your unique manufacturing needs. Whether it’s blending, hydration of thickening and suspending agents, or production of stable emulsions, we’ve got the equipment and the know-how to make it happen faster, cleaner, and more reliably. When it comes to emulsification, Quadro® keeps things running smoothly.

The Emulsifying and Wet Milling Possibilities are Endless

Quadro® HV Emulsifier and Wet Mill series machines are your answer for the seamless manufacturing of everything from fine suspensions, to creams, lotions, superior cosmetics, and other emulsions. Safe, sanitary, efficient, consistent: Quadro®.

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