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Major Benefits Of High Shear Mixers In The Food Industry

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s no denying that time is money. When it comes to the food industry, time is often expended on various aspects of production.

From harvesting to initial processing to mixing ingredients, there are numerous opportunities to realize savings by reducing the time it takes to bring a given product to store shelves.

Obviously, products that feature appealing textures, flavors and aromas — not to mention consistent quality — are desirable. In some instances, specific nutritional benefits are highlighted. The trick for food manufacturers is to consistently and efficiently produce high-quality products consumers want.

Faster Processing, Beefier Bottom Line

Foods that require significant processing afford an opportunity to maximize efficiency by investing in high-quality, high shear, high speed mixing equipment. Given that food safety is paramount, hygienic production is an obvious concern, too. The equipment you choose for processing your food products should be fast, efficient, eminently capable of performing the necessary tasks and able to be thoroughly and efficiently cleaned. 

At Quadro Liquids, we specialize in high shear mixer machines designed to meet these demanding specifications. Whether your process includes mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing or dispersing — or any combination of these often-challenging tasks — we have the right equipment for the job. Our product line includes high shear homogenizers and wet mills, inline powder dispersers, inline continuous processors, inline emulsifier mixers and in-tank mixers.

Difficult to Wet? No Problem

More importantly, superior efficiency is built into every piece of Quadro equipment. The Ytron® ZC, for example, is a single-pass, high-shear disperser that easily integrates the most difficult-to-wet powders into liquid. Working with tricky thickening agents or rheology modifiers? The innovative design of the Ytron® makes these daunting tasks a breeze.

Or perhaps your process requires submicron homogenization. The Quadro® HV High Shear Homogenizer & Wet Mill is our unique high-velocity rotor-stator mixer. It provides more process shear energy than a conventional rotor-stator mill. More than 50 times the high shear energy of a traditional rotor-stator mill, in fact. Operate it as a continuous inline processor and you’ll readily achieve a significant increase in production capacity. 

You’ll also benefit from significantly lower capital costs compared to homogenizers or media mills. The Quadro® HV is ideal for high shear wet milling, processing submicron emulsions and achieving suspension micronization. With a quick changeover using optional tooling, you can use this versatile machine for either homogenizing or wet milling. We believe your mixing machinery should be flexible and deliver multiple benefits, depending on your changing needs. So, we built in that versatility. 

Contact Quadro Liquids to Lean More

For more information about this and our many other innovative mixing machines and products, contact us here to request a quote. We look forward to discussing how Quadro Liquids can help improve your processes and boost your bottom line.


Posted by Matt Baumber


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